About Us & How We Can Help

If you are interested in automating and integrating your online activities so you can leverage your results then this site can help you.

My name is Dave Wooding and I am the owner of IntegratePro. I have been online since the last century (I love saying that). One thing I know is that you can automate just about anything online.

  • Person purchases a membership from you and gets immediate access to the membership, added to your mailing list and tagged as a customer.
  • Person who is already on your email list clicks on a particular link on your site gets an offer a day later.
  • A visitor to your checkout page who is on your mailing list does NOT buy … the next day they get an email asking if they have any questions about your product.
  • Same person still doesn’t buy two days later gets sent another email with a coupon that expires in 24 hours.
  • Sales pages are customized based on your contact’s previous behavior.
  • Survey to find out what your prospects biggest challenges are.  That information is added to a contact’s record for later use.
  • Contact are sent an email with a link to a Wistia video. Anyone that watches 75% or more and does NOT buy are tagged in your ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft account and you have an automation / campaign that follows up with those that show interest.
  • Content on your site is dynamic.  If you know the gender of your visitor, content is changed specifically to target the appropriate gender.
  • A visitor on your site is not yet on your mailing list.  The sidebar of your website displays a signup form.  Once that person is a subscriber to your mailing list, then the sidebar displays banners to your products only.
  • You have a large email list and want to keep it ‘clean’ automatically … setup an automation that connects to an outside email verification system like BriteVerify or EmailHippo.  Results from that service are sent back to your email system and tag contacts appropriately.
  • Youtube API script that reports the top videos and tags related to your subject.  Script helps you create targeted titles, descriptions and tags that will help you rank higher in Youtube.
  • ThriveCart script that generates MRR (monthly recurring revenue) reports for you automatically.
  • WordPress plugin that works with Thrive Themes to dynamically set a countdown timer on a webinar signup page based on the affiliate who referred the visitor.
  • Standalone script that reports sends / opens / clicks based on tags being applied for each operation from your Infusionsoft account.
  • A cohort analysis chart showing membership retention over time.